Laura Delgado

Admissions Director

Hello Families!

I’ve been a member of the Athena community since its doors opened more than ten years ago, spending my first seven years as a Lead Guide in the TOTs program and the past three years in an administrative capacity. Most recently I have been given the honor of serving as Athena’s Admissions Director, which I truly enjoy! It is a privilege to have witnessed and shared in the growth and transformation of this beautiful community, and I remain deeply committed to maintaining and nurturing the sense of community, connection, and spirit that makes Athena such a magical place of learning and growth for both children and adults.

I am originally from Arizona, though I’ve officially been an Austinite for 17 years now. I received my BA in English from the University of Arizona and from there moved on to tutoring pre-school and early elementary children in East Austin through AmeriCorps. It was then that I realized my passion for working with young children, and following my experience in AmeriCorps, I held various roles as a tutor, a teacher, a nanny, and finally, a Montessori guide.

In my time as a Montessori guide, I received both my Master’s in Educational Psychology from St. Edward’s University and a certification in Infant and Toddler Montessori Education from the North American Montessori Center. The Montessori philosophy and its core components of grace and courtesy, as well as its emphasis on respect for self, others, and the environment, continue to resonate deeply with my soul. As a guide, I received innumerable gifts through my work with the children and understand that these gifts were a result of staying open and committed to the lessons that these young children had to offer.

In the same way, I continue to stay open and committed to serving the needs of our families and our community including the needs of our prospective children and parents. As the Admissions Director, I see myself as a bridge for prospective families and consider it an honor to represent Athena and share the richness of Montessori with new families. I am also honored and grateful that I have been able to welcome my own daughter into this special tribe, and have discovered that the only thing better than being a staff member at Athena is also being a parent!

Finally, I am grateful for the privilege of engaging with the children, the staff, and the parents who are already on campus. I highly value the contributions of our families and believe that together we can continue to offer a beautiful prepared environment where both children and adults are inspired to realize their full potential (and have fun in the process)!

Yours in service,