Cooking Lessons from

Cooking Lessons from by Ms. Alex from ASP and P3

“Cooking with Kids educates and empowers children and families to make healthy food
choices through hands-on learning with fresh, affordable foods.”

To create exciting and educational food preparation activities your child will love.

Various child-sized cooking tools. See videos for details.

1. Visit Cooking with Kids “How-To Video” page
2. Read the video titles to your child- see which topics piques their interest! Watch the
video together.
3. Complete a corresponding activity (listed below) with your child or create your own:
After watching the video you may ask you may ask them, “Do you want to try this?”
“How can we do it?”, “What do you think we need to make this?”
4. Follow their lead. Or as we say at Athena, let the child be your North Star!

Please let us know what your child’s favorite “how-to” video is and what activities you’re
trying at home. We love seeing and hearing about all the fun stuff they are doing at home
with their families!

Try not to overwhelm yourself and your child by watching all of the videos. Together, pick
one video that interests them and complete the corresponding activities over the next few
weeks. Chopping, grinding and other fine motor skills take time and practice to master. Focus
on making the learning experience fun and memorable for your child. The process is the

Add challenges:
How to use Herbs and Spices
● If you have a garden that includes herbs, invite your child to join you on “Taste Test
Adventure.” Teach your child how to harvest the herbs. Encourage your child to taste
the fresh herbs. Discuss and ask your child questions. “Which herb you like the most?”
“What does it taste like to you?” Brainstorm with your child meals you can make with
the herbs. Here is a simple bruschetta recipe that includes fresh basil.
● If you don’t have access to fresh herbs- your child may enjoy making their own spice
blend. Here is a recipe for a homemade taco seasoning. Your child can help you
measure and mix the spices or help grind them with a Pestle and Mortar.
How to make Salad and Salad Dressing:
● Make a “Rainbow Salad Bar” for the family- Include your child by allowing them help
pick, slice and chop the produce. Encourage your child to help you build a tasty salad
including all the colors of the rainbow
● Check out this free salad tasting lesson from




How to Slice and Mince:
● Once your child masters chopping and slicing, read Stone Soup. A book about a village
where everyone contributes a vegetable to create a soup big enough to feed all of
them. Your child can create their own Stone Soup at home by helping slice the
● Check out this detailed list of kitchen tools for children by age
How to Knead and Shape Bread:
● Invite your child to help you make this two ingredient bagel dough. This recipe is
simple and a lot of fun! Let your child get creative with their bread shapes and mix-ins
(fresh herbs, anyone?)
● Dough doesn’t have to be mixed in a bowl. Fill a gallon size bag with the dough
ingredients, zip it up and let your child go to town mixing and squishing the bag until
it’s mixed together.


Do you have a little chef on your hands? Together will your child, plan dinner and dessert
menu including their favorite meals. Your child will love the ownership in helping plan,
prepare and cook the meal. With a little patience and, to be realistic- a little mess, you will
be amazed by what your child can create on their own!