Treasure Collage Tray

I love this collage shelf work because it’s super quick and easy to prepare (with materials you already have in your home) and will keep your little ones entertained for hours!


  • A mini-muffin tray (an empty egg carton works perfectly, too!)
  •  Construction paper
  • Liquid Glue
  • A small jar
  • Sponge, cut into two pieces
  • Paint brush
  • Whatever fun treasures you have in your art collection or pantry. Beads, sequins, stickers, tissue paper, dry pasta, pumpkin seeds, flowers and leaves…anything and everything that can be glued down is fair game!


1. Gather your materials. Your child might enjoy helping pick the treasures and sorting them into the muffin tray
2. Place a small jar of glue on the tray with a paint brush and piece of sponge to be used for glue application
3. Slightly dampen the other half of the sponge and place on the tray. This can be used cleaning the paint brush when it gets a little too sticky
4. To help keep their hands clean, place container of hand wipes or wet washcloth nearby and clean-up will be is easy peasy

Mix it up:
This work can easily be refreshed with new treasures as needed. Filling the tray with single colored items is a fun way to explore colors and hues! See photos below for more examples: