Vegtable Scrubbing



Toddlers love scrubbing activities! It’s a great way to incorporate practical life activities at home, build confidence as well as fine motor skills!


  • 1 bowl with water
  • (Optional) apple cider vinegar or natural veggie wash
  • 1 bowl for clean veggies
  • vegetable
  • scrub brush


  • Model this activity once for your child before offering them a turn. 
  • Pick up a vegetable that needs to be washed and explain that it is dirty and in order for it ready to be used for a meal, we’ll need to wash it. 
  • Dip it in the water and scrub the veggie. Once it is clean say “clean” and place it in the bowl for the clean veggies.


This is always a fun activity, your child may want to scrub something for a long time. 

Add challenges:

If you plan on cooking the veggies that they are scrubbing, involve your child in the next steps, slicing or peeling if you are able to assist and if you feel comfortable. 

At school, the scrubbing fun never stops. We alternate between the items we make available for scrubbing. Some weeks it can be a food item, other weeks, we provide toys that have been outside that need to be cleaned. The children love getting things dirty and incorporating them into the process of cleaning up instills a sense of the entire cycle of working and the natural cause and effect actions.