Articles from March, 2020

Distance Games

Friday, March 27th   |   7:36 PM

Description Distance games are an excellent way to incorporate movement and learning! Goal To move the body, learn about a topic, expand vocabulary, and refine the memory. Materials You can use anything they would like to learn about. Examples: number … Details >

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Obstacle Course

Friday, March 27th   |   7:35 PM

Goal To develop a wide variety of large motor skills. In building the course the child can practice bringing ideas to fruition, discussing with collaborators, moving heavy objects, and most importantly: having fun! Materials Inside: Pillows/couch cushions to climb over … Details >

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Athena’s March 2020 Newsletter

Tuesday, March 10th   |   2:16 PM

March Newsletter 2020

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COVID-19 Updates

Monday, March 9th   |   8:40 PM

July 8 Update Hello Athena Families, This document details our school’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and shares important guidelines that are integral to our redesign. We believe that in-person, on-campus learning is optimal for our community given the developmental … Details >

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Casino Night Auction is Live!

Tuesday, March 3rd   |   5:01 PM

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