Articles from April, 2020

Subtraction Squish

Thursday, April 30th   |   9:10 PM

Combine fine motor, gross motor and math with this fun activity.    Goal: Practice subtraction with a fun “squishy” element. Watch Veronica’s sweet video with her daughter, Josephine demonstrating this work.   Materials: Play-doh of any color Paper Marker Hands … Details >

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Zen Rock Painting

Thursday, April 30th   |   9:08 PM

Find peace through this soothing activity.  Paint the rock with water and watch the water dry and disappear. Watch Christina’s video for some inspiration!  Goals:   Find peace   Express creativity   Develop concentration   Practice gentle use of a … Details >

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Rainbow Walking Water Activity

Thursday, April 30th   |   9:04 PM

Description: In this activity, you and your child will be putting strips of paper towels into cups of water colored with food coloring and observing the change that happens. Goal: The goal of this activity is to observe the water … Details >

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Color Bead Stairs

Thursday, April 30th   |   8:59 PM

Get Your Printables Here Every Montessori Primary child will recognize the Colored Bead Stair & be excited to show you how to use it!  It is one of the first lessons in quantity that is presented in the 3 to … Details >

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Land and Water Animal Sorting 

Thursday, April 30th   |   8:54 PM

  Description: Some animals live on land, others live on water, and others even live on both! Have fun sorting and exploring animals.  Goal: To explore where different animals live depending on their bodies and needs.   Materials: Collect animal toys … Details >

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Alphabet Beans

Thursday, April 30th   |   8:50 PM

  A fun matching game to help your child recognize lowercase letters and strengthen fine motor skills. Materials: White, dry, beans A basket or bowl  (to hold the beans) Sharpie Cupcake liners (or small pieces of paper taped to inside … Details >

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Let Your Love Light Shine At Home!

Thursday, April 30th   |   8:48 PM

In a Montessori classroom, we love letting our love lights shine. Make your own at home with some construction paper and string or yarn!  Goal: To show the love in your child’s heart (And your own!) in a visual way.  … Details >

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Subtraction Bowling

Thursday, April 30th   |   8:45 PM

Description Bowling is such a fun family activity. Practice subtraction with concrete objects during a hands-on game! Goal  Demonstrate and apply subtraction skills while bowling with the family.  Materials Ball  10 Bowling Pins- You can use cups, cardboard tubes, water … Details >

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Art: A study in line, color and geometric shape

Thursday, April 30th   |   8:41 PM

  Description: While looking at the work of such famous geometric artists as Paul Klee and Frank Lloyd Wright, your family can follow this simple multi-step process to create a beautiful geometric artwork. You can see some of Paul Klee’s … Details >

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Virtual Field Trip to the Zoo by Ms. Alex

Thursday, April 30th   |   8:35 PM

From baboons to condors, the San Diego Zoo’s animal webcams offer your family an animal adventure, right from your own home. No sunscreen or permission slips required!  Steps: Visit the San Diego Zoo’s website and check out the animal webcams … Details >

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