Articles from May, 2020

Flower Arranging

Thursday, May 28th   |   8:06 PM

Here is a wonderful video of sweet Zoey arranging flowers! This is a great exercise in caring for the environment, fine and gross motor development and sequencing.  Materials: Flowers Scissors  Pitcher Small Vases or cups that can serve as vases … Details >

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Watercolor Resist Painting By Ms. Stephanie

Thursday, May 28th   |   8:02 PM

Crayon resist art creates a fun effect that will “WOW” your young ones! Your child will have fun, while strengthening their fine motor skills with materials they already love to use. Watch Ms. Stephanie as she creates her own watercolor … Details >

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Build a World Map- Just like in the classroom! — Ms. Nichole

Thursday, May 28th   |   7:58 PM

  Build your very own World Map using the Continent printables as your guide or have them draw out their very own. The printables provide a great source for coloring pages and labels for reading and writing as well!   … Details >

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Create Your Own Pizza By:  Ms. Alex and Ms. Margaret

Thursday, May 28th   |   7:47 PM

  It’s no secret that children love to play restaurant, but real cooking doesn’t have to be reserved for grown-ups only. Your child will love the ownership in helping prepare and build their own pizza! All you need is this … Details >

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Density Tower with household liquids

Thursday, May 28th   |   7:43 PM

Description: Different liquids have different densities.  This easy experiment illustrates the different densities among some common household liquids.    Goals: Developing fine motor pouring skills Learning about buoyancy and density Practicing observation skills   Materials A jar, cup, or any … Details >

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Sewing on a Button and Dolphin Stitch with Ms.Lynda

Thursday, May 28th   |   7:35 PM

     Description:  Building on the fun sewing activity from a couple of weeks ago where we used cardboard and yarn, this project uses a needle and thread. I’ve included a short video that explains this whole project and a … Details >

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Shaving Cream Prints

Thursday, May 28th   |   7:15 PM

Description: This is a fun art activity that can be done with household items! Using shaving cream and paint, your child can create a really neat  marbled look on paper.  Goal: The goal for this activity is to allow the … Details >

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Story Jars with Mr. Sean

Thursday, May 28th   |   7:08 PM

I’ve always loved the make-up-a-story game, where one person starts with a introductory line and is followed by the next person’s addition, line by line, until a (usually very silly) story has unfolded resulting in guaranteed laughter as it is … Details >

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Child Made Veggie Soup –Yes, they can! 

Thursday, May 28th   |   6:56 PM

When adults come into Montessori classrooms to observe they often ask about the kitchen work. They are amazed to see children preparing their own food, and food for others. We give a lesson, and we let them practice, we watch … Details >

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Frozen Banana Treats

Thursday, May 28th   |   5:30 PM

Description:  This is a lovely little food prep activity that you and your child can do together. After cutting the bananas and spreading the jam, pop them in the freezer and you have a frozen treat perfect for summer time. … Details >

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