Articles from August, 2020

Health and Safety Protocol Updates

Friday, August 28th   |   11:38 AM

REQUIRED READING   As stated in our Back to School correspondences, we as a Leadership team continue to monitor trends in best practices regarding responding to transmission of COVID-19. We are working closely with Sera Bonds, our Public Health consultant, … Details >

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August 21, 2020 Public Health Update from Waking Giants

Friday, August 21st   |   5:29 PM

Living through a pandemic requires constant risk assessment and tradeoffs. Risk is not binary, it is more like reading the weather. We have to consider the different factors and elements at play in our houses and in our community at … Details >

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August 14, 2020 Covid Public Health Updates from Waking Giants

Friday, August 21st   |   5:23 PM

COVID public health updates –> Recent studies suggest that wearing face masks reduces the spread of COVID-19 on a population level, and consequently blunts the growth of the epidemic curve. Still, determining mask efficacy is a complex topic that is still … Details >

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August 17 Update from Lisl

Monday, August 17th   |   6:10 PM

Dear Athena Families, It’s hard to believe that we are finally entering the FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL! Family visits are going so well and it is delightful to see happy children on campus! Tomorrow is the half day schedule to … Details >

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August 10 Update from Lisl

Monday, August 10th   |   5:37 PM

Hello Athena Families! As we move into our week of Back to School events for the 2020-2021 school year, I wanted to introduce you to a consulting team that we have chosen to help guide and support us as we … Details >

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Drop Off and Pick Up Schedules

Monday, August 10th   |   1:01 PM

Please Click Here for Drop Off and Pick Up Schedules: DROP OFF AND PICK UP SCHEDULES

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