Art Shelf Set Up for Independent Work

The goal of the Montessori Art Shelf is for the children to explore their creativity with open-ended art materials. We focus on process and not product.
Examples Of Art Shelves

We have been listening to you, our parent community and we know you all are ready for some “Set It and Forget It” work ideas! When you prepare a shelf, or cabinet, or dining room table with self-contained art endeavors– what you & your children get in return is invaluable!

You do have to do the prep work and refresh the materials at night when all is quiet, but we promise you: that investment of time pays off! At school, the children restore the works when they are finished using them, but it is up to the teachers to make it ‘like new’ for the next day’s activity.

We suggest three to five activities be out simultaneously & that you switch out elements of each activity weekly. Here’s a peek at a potential set up. Activities on an Art Shelf