Bean Bag Toss


Toddlers are working on building coordination of their movements and love using their whole body to perform a task. Setting up a bean bag toss station is a simple way to allow these needs within the container of the home. 


Improving upper body strength, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness while practicing taking turns.


  • 4-6 bean bags, socks or balls, or doubled ziplock bags 
  • Laundry basket (you can also use a cardboard box, bucket or hula hoop.) 


  • Place the basket a few feet away from the bean bags
  • Mark a throwing line on the floor using tape (or chalk if you’re outside)
  • Give your child their set of bean bags 
  • Model for your child a safe and gentle toss 
  • Take turns throwing the bean bags into the basket 
  • When all of the bags are in the basket, help your child lift and empty the basket 


  • Add more baskets, move them farther away or place at different heights, for a more challenging game. 
  • Use this as an opportunity to practice counting by counting aloud together as you take your turn