Bubble Whisking! (Children LOVE to Whisk bubbles)

POP! Bubbles are so much fun to explore and even better when you get to make them yourself! With this work you can see how two simple ingredients create a solution that produces those fun fluffy things we call bubbles!

Using your fine and gross motor skills, mix your solution until you create some fun bubbles! Think about the size of your bubbles, how thick are they? Can you blow them away?


  • · 1 bowl or small dish
  • · 1 fork or small whisk
  • · Water·
  • Soap


  •  Fill your bowl up about halfway with water.
  •  Add in 3-4 drops of soap
  • Whisk whisk whisk and watch the magic happen!

For a fun visual effect, add food coloring to water and mix colors to create new ones.

Add Challenges:
Experiment! Does adding more drops of soap affect the bubbles? What if you whisk for a longer period of time, what is the consistency of your solution?