Build a Cupcake/Bug/Robot

Using construction paper in a variety of colors, it takes just a few minutes to cut shapes to make up a simple tray. This activity has been a favorite in our ASP and so many children are engaged for extended periods of time. Check out these easy tray set ups below. Also, check out the “Tips” section for a helpful video.


Build a Cupcake Tray

Build a Bug Tray

Build a Robot


A creative engaging activity that builds fine motor skills




  • Construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors






  • Have your child decide which “building” project to do.
  • Adult can cut construction paper shapes for tray. (takes about 3 minutes) *See “Tips” Video
  • Adult can make a sample if they want, but it’s not necessary.
  • A separate piece of construction paper can be used as a background.
  • Just give your child the tray and see what fun things they create.




You can find some tips for cutting out shapes and really cute and inexpensive ways to frame any of your child’s artwork in this video. Handy Tips From Lynda Video