Build a World Map- Just like in the classroom! — Ms. Nichole


Build your very own World Map using the Continent printables as your guide or have them draw out their very own. The printables provide a great source for coloring pages and labels for reading and writing as well!



  • Continent recognition
  • What their names are and where they are placed on the map 



  • World Map Printable
  • Large poster board (White or Blue)
  • White– your child can color/paint the water once the continents are drawn or glued in 
  • Blue– to represent the water
  • Globe for reference (optional)
  • Colored paper to print (optional)
  • Scissors 
  • Marker or colored pencils to label/trace 


  • Print the continents — optional to print each continent on different color paper
  • Cut out the continents and labels
  • Before gluing or writing anything on the poster board:
  • Parents can help by laying down the continents in their relative location and the child can place the matching name on top of the continent
  • Or, parent can lay down the names and the child can place the continents
  • This can also completely be an independent work, they can use the globe for reference to figure out the placements