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Covid Community Gathering with Sera Bonds September 8th

Wednesday, September 16th   |   12:40 PM

Please view our Covid Community Gathering with Sera Bonds below!

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July 23 Update from Lisl

Thursday, July 23rd   |   2:39 PM

Hello Athena Families, We want to acknowledge that we have sent you lots of information in the last few weeks. We are doing our best to dole information out in small manageable chunks so that you have time to digest … Details >

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June 10th Update

Wednesday, June 10th   |   3:03 PM

Dear Athena Community, It’s hard to believe that this school year has come to an end without our usual touchpoints of final connection: shared tears and tissue boxes, escorting grandparents to Gates of Life ceremonies, flowers and gifts in 3D…I … Details >

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May 22nd Update

Wednesday, June 10th   |   3:02 PM

Hello Athena Families, As you probably know by now, the Texas Governor announced that Licensed Childcare Centers will be allowed to reopen with this next phase of reopening Texas. The Health and Human Services Department has laid out new guidelines … Details >

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May 12th Update

Wednesday, June 10th   |   3:02 PM

Dear Families, We know that reopening our school is going to be different from reopening our city. Our focus remains on the children and the health and safety of our community members. With the limited and inconclusive data we have … Details >

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April 20th Update

Wednesday, June 10th   |   3:01 PM

Dear Athena Families, We hope you are all faring well during this challenging reality in which we collectively find ourselves. And although it is no substitute for the in-person care we normally provide on campus, we hope you are finding … Details >

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April 3rd Update

Wednesday, June 10th   |   3:00 PM

Dear Athena Family, I know this message will not come as a surprise for most of you at this point, but it is still devastating to be making this announcement: Following the lead of the public schools and to do … Details >

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Flower Arranging

Thursday, May 28th   |   8:06 PM

Here is a wonderful video of sweet Zoey arranging flowers! This is a great exercise in caring for the environment, fine and gross motor development and sequencing.  Materials: Flowers Scissors  Pitcher Small Vases or cups that can serve as vases … Details >

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Watercolor Resist Painting By Ms. Stephanie

Thursday, May 28th   |   8:02 PM

Crayon resist art creates a fun effect that will “WOW” your young ones! Your child will have fun, while strengthening their fine motor skills with materials they already love to use. Watch Ms. Stephanie as she creates her own watercolor … Details >

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Build a World Map- Just like in the classroom! — Ms. Nichole

Thursday, May 28th   |   7:58 PM

  Build your very own World Map using the Continent printables as your guide or have them draw out their very own. The printables provide a great source for coloring pages and labels for reading and writing as well!   … Details >

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