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Last Day of Fall Semester

Wednesday, November 28th   |   9:45 PM

Friday, December 21st is the last day of the Fall Semester, with early dismissal. Pick up is 12:15-12:30. There will be no lunches from BeeLine Market and no After School Program. Enjoy the Winter Break (two weeks)!

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Tuesday, November 27th   |   8:30 PM

Athena School Photos are ready to view and order! Photo packages will be available in time for the Winter Break. They make great holiday gifts! We will email to let you know when photos are ready for pick up. If … Details >

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Last Day of Fall Semester

Monday, November 26th   |   10:03 PM

Friday, December 21st is the last day of the Fall Semester. There will be no lunches from BeeLine Market. Enjoy the Winter Break (two weeks)!

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November 2018 Newsletter

Monday, November 26th   |   8:04 PM

View Athena’s November newsletter.

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October Newsletter 2018

Monday, October 1st   |   8:07 PM

You can view Athena’s October newsletter at this link for a list of important dates, as well as: Peace Day Farewell to Andrea Han, Welcome Folade Speaks; Date Change: Our first Coffee & Conversations with our Directors; Cultural Fest; Information about School Photos; … Details >

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Back to School

Wednesday, August 1st   |   1:58 PM

August 20th begins the first week of school.  Stay tuned to your email for your roster and classroom information from your guides.  Looking for Back to School supplies? Visit our August Newsletter for a list of resources!

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day/SCHOOL CLOSED

Tuesday, December 19th   |   4:07 PM

School is closed on Monday, January 15th for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Some of our extracurricular partners, including Mariposas Spanish, will be hosting a day camp for your childcare needs so make sure to check out their websites for … Details >

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Attempting to Incorporate More Gratitude into your Life?

Monday, December 1st   |   10:39 PM

This month provides us with a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude and give thanks, a practice we know to be beneficial, but one that has the potential to fall by the wayside in our busy lives. The holiday season is … Details >

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Learning How to Read Begins Earlier than you May Think

Friday, October 31st   |   6:11 PM

– By Ms. Laura – I have always been under the impression that I learned to read through drills and rote memorization of sounds, and that this process didn’t begin until first grade. I loved sounds and the ability to … Details >

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Letter from Ms. Laura

Tuesday, September 30th   |   7:10 PM

Children and Media: How much is too much? This question is a common one amongst parents and an increasingly difficult one to answer as viewpoints vary widely and statistics about the impact of media on the developing mind are scarce. … Details >

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