Cheerio Letters


This activity is a fine motor, pre handwriting work that coordinates the brain with muscles of
the hand to work together for future handwriting. This activity encourages an awareness of letters.


This activity promotes left to right eye movement, pincer grip, coordinates brain and muscles to work together. Initiates the concept that letters have meaning.


  • Cheerios (or similar non rolling cereal)
  • Paper with line
  • Small container for cheerios


  • Draw your child’s initial on a piece of paper or paper plate.
  • Demonstrate placing the Cheerios one at a time starting at the star and continuing to the end of the line
  • Encourage your child to start on the left side of the line (you can draw a star shape).
  • Place the Cheerios one at a time along the line. When you reach the end you can eat them!


  • Continue drawing letters in the child’s name or names of loved family members
  • Go on a letter hunt around the house searching for the initial letter in your child’s name. Additionally you can Use a marker to highlight letter
  • Instead of using cheerios or other food items, try this with stickers or other of your childs’ tiny toys. You can make a larger letter using tape on the floor and let your child practice walking across it or sending toy cars or trains along the letter shape.