Child Made Veggie Soup –Yes, they can! 

When adults come into Montessori classrooms to observe they often ask about the kitchen work. They are amazed to see children preparing their own food, and food for others. We give a lesson, and we let them practice, we watch from a distance and foster independence. We invite you to give this a go in your own home. Yes, they can! 


  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Zucchini 
  • Veggie broth
  • Chopping block
  • A knife or chopper of some sort – whatever you and your child feel comfortable with
  • A scrub brush


  • First thing, have your child wash their hands and put on an apron.
  • Leave out a knife, cutting board and a carrot peeler, depending on age and experience, you might need to show them how to use these utensils.
  • Invite your child to pour the veggie broth into the pot. Wait until it boils. You will be cooking the veggies in the broth.
  • Invite your child to wash the veggies in the sink or bowl with a scrub brush. It’s a good idea to let them scrub as long as they want.
  • Next, have them peel the carrots. Remind them that it’s ok to go slower with the peeling action.
  • Then, take a knife and ask your child to chop the carrots and celery into thin or thick sections – maybe even ask what they would prefer 🙂 
  • Invite your child to add the veggies to the broth so they can cook.


Remember, independence of the child is key! 

Add Challenges: 

  • Depending on age and motor strength ability, you could have them chop up and add some broccoli