Primary 1: Thunderbirds

Greetings from the Thunderbirds class!

Our classroom is a vibrant learning community where children experience math, language, science, culture, and many other subjects in concrete, hands-on ways. We love to get outside for work and play, incorporating nature in our study of the world around us. We also love stories and storytelling! We learn many new ways of seeing the world through the stories we share.

We wholeheartedly embrace the Montessori principle of educating the whole child. Along with honoring and engaging each child’s learning process, we reinforce interpersonal skills that will last a lifetime. We truly believe in the power of the Montessori method to engage and awaken the children’s senses. Learning is a lifelong process and we hope as guides to model the spirit of inquisitiveness and collaboration that we want to nurture in our students.

We are proud of the balanced, complementary strengths we bring as guides. We believe that all members of our community are special and powerful people – adults and children alike. We’re excited to share with the children our energy to work, play, and move, as well as our sense of wonder and awe at the world. The Montessori philosophy helps us see ourselves as concrete thinkers and creative problem solvers, all seeking to learn and grow in a supportive community.

Primary 1 was the first primary (3-6 year old) classroom at Athena – we’re proud to be a part of Athena history and carry on time-honored class traditions while still keeping things “fresh” by drawing on our combined experience as a team.

Thunderbirds are…

Observers who take the time to find out more

Explorers who seek out new challenges and experiences

Peacemakers who balance strength and compassion