Primary 2: Phoenixes

Welcome to the Phoenix community!  Our class is a safe place for children to explore and grow in all the important developmental areas. The children are fostered to create a working community with their peers where they are encouraged to support each other in their social, emotional, and academic goals. We strongly believe that children are not able to fully open up their minds to grow unless they feel their social and emotional needs are met. The Montessori philosophy is a perfect structure to successfully meet each child where they are and to create an individualized lesson plan so that they may flourish at their own pace. They learn to work together as a team because they are first seen as an individual. Academically, our class dives into fun and creative topics each school year.

Most of our topics are driven by the children’s curiosities.  Some topics that came up last year were: the human body, the planets, Antarctica, and we also studied a few different authors. Again, the Montessori philosophy provides a lovely platform for children to fall in love with learning.  We create a great balance between individual learning opportunities, as well as class discoveries that we do in large and small groups. It is an amazing process to witness a very young three year old start off learning each letter sound, and then graduate as a giant kindergartner who is able to complete an entire research project and share it with the class.

Meet the Primary 2 Instructors

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    Kimberly Love

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    Maria Govoni

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