Primary 3: Falcons

Welcome to the Falcons class!  Our classroom is a loving and nurturing environment that we have built with the children in our classroom.  The children are encouraged and fostered to take an active participation in creating their own little “city.”  Their voices and opinions are valued and we feel strongly that it is this sense of community and independence that leads them to growing socially, emotionally, and academically.  We believe that it is important to teach the children to learn how they learn best.  Montessori creates a beautiful vessel for the children to do just that.  Through our observations of how each child learns in our community, we create individualized lessons for each child that are focused on the next level of academics as well as the next level of social and emotional growth.  The children are encouraged to explore the Montessori works so that they may make some awe inspiring discoveries, just like the little scientist that Maria Montessori wrote about over one hundred years ago. Maria Montessori also had a rich Peace Education vision, which is valued and carried with love into the Falcons community.