Primary 5: Hummingbirds

Welcome to the Hummingbird nest! Our classroom is a safe space for all of its members to explore, learn and grow. We are committed to creating a peaceful, joyful and connected community with the children and families. Rooted firmly in the Montessori philosophy and curriculum, we work to foster and guide each child’s academic, social and emotional development. By staying true to these foundations, we create a balance in supporting each individual along with our larger classroom community. The children’s learning opportunities come in all forms: self-directed, individual and small group lessons, and class-wide unit studies. Within these unit studies, we love to learn about culture, science, geography and science, and to enrich the practical life, sensorial, math and language curricula. The basis for all of our academic learning and curiosities lies with our peace education, which cultivates both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. As classroom guides, we are deeply honored to be able to spend these three formative years with the children, and to witness them blossom into confident, compassionate, engaged learners!

Meet the Primary 5 Instructors

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    Drew Fischels

    Primary 3 Lead Guide
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    Lisa Miele

    Primary 4 Lead Guide