TOTs 2: Sandpipers

The Sandpiper Classroom is a nurturing place for the children to begin what Montessori referred to as their “education for life”.  Within our environment, each child is encouraged to become a functioning member of the community and to explore it fully.  Children enjoy learning living skills, and we provide activities that they can do themselves: getting dressed, preparing snack, setting the table, sweeping the floor, etc. They have freedom of movement to explore, and they are given the time they need to complete what they start. We help the children follow through each step, by providing a beginning, middle, and end to each activity.

Our main goals of this environment are to help the children become able to function independently, to allow them to explore the environment and manipulate the objects in the environment freely, to assist them in their rapid language development and to introduce them to methods of developing their minds and bodies.

We work in alliance with each family and form individual plans for the child’s big life lessons, such as toileting and care of self.  Our routines in the classroom are social and the children are able to learn from each other with ease. Once we go forward with toileting, for example, we meet with each family individually to design a consistent plan of action that we all do together to aid in the child’s success.

We also provide a large range of sensory activities in our environment; these activities allow the toddlers to experience concepts of sequence, form, shape, texture, movement, and sound – and we accommodate the physical, emotional, and intellectual growth at every stage by incorporating more advanced lessons as they master each stage.

In summary, we welcome and invite creative exploration and curiosity, in whatever way it manifests for each child, and we nurture individual personalities within our core community values. Come and play with us!

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Meet the TOTs 2 Instructors

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