TOTs 3: Puffins

Welcome to the Puffin community!

We aspire to create a loving, nurturing space where young children feel seen, respected, and loved. While the children are in an absorbent mind period and learning a multitude of skills at very rapid rates, we believe the social emotional curriculum is paramount at this stage. Maria Montessori believed that among the young child’s primary needs were a need for orientation and a need for order. Upon the child’s transition into our community, we aim to provide both through meaningful connection, established rituals and routines, and consistency with developmental practices rooted in the Montessori philosophy of respect for self, others, and the environment .

Once the child establishes a point of orientation and they feel safe within the learning environment, they feel free to explore, which is another primary need of the young child! Sensory exploration is provided through thoughtfully prepared “work” inside the classroom, and children are provided plenty of opportunities to explore with their hands and their bodies in the outdoor environment through art, gardening, and play!

Language is another key component of our curriculum. Through modeling, conversation, songs, and stories we nurture the children’s increasing vocabulary as well as their ability to engage with others in increasingly complex social dynamics.

Toileting and other practical life skills, such as using a tissue, washing one’s hands, and cleaning up after oneself, are also a part of our daily practice. Ultimately, we are supporting the children’s independence and their confidence, and, in all of the above, we aim to provide them with a solid foundation that will serve them not only in the years to come, but for the rest of their lives!

Meet the TOTs 3 Instructors

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