Color Mixing with Paint

By: Ms. Veronica, Primary 3

Help your child make their very own color wheel with just the three primary colors


  • Learn color names and vocabulary: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. 
  • Make secondary colors from primary colors and tertiary colors by blending primary and secondary colors. 


  • Paper or recycled cardboard
  • Yellow, blue and red paint
  • Paint pallet or plate
  • Cups (optional)
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil



  • Set recycled paper out on your painting surface.
  • Pour yellow, blue and red paint on a pallet, plate or in cups.
  • Draw or have your child trace one triangle and another upside down triangle to make a “star.”
  • Have your child add primary colors (yellow, blue and red) to the three points of the triangles. Define “primary.”
  • Have your child mix secondary colors on your pallet/plate and add to the three points of the other triangle. Define “secondary.”
  • Have your child mix tertiary colors on your paint pallet/plate and add to the spaces between the primary and secondary colors. Define “tertiary.”
  • Chat about the color names and new words they learned today. 
  • Have them help you clean it up!



Feel free to make this your own with different shapes besides triangles and sky’s the limit with how to use the colors creatively!


Add challenges:

  • Paint a picture with all the new colors. 
  • Make another set of colors mixing tertiary with other colors.