Color Sorting



A fun way to explore colors is by recognizing and identifying the things that are around us and grouping them together. This sorting activity is simple to create and a lot of fun to do! By sorting your child is able to use descriptive words and use critical thinking to talk about the differences in the object they are working with 


  • construction paper (3 to 4 different colors)
  • legos or any objects that match the colors represented on the sheets of paper
  • small basket 
  • a tray
  • tape


  1. Cut your construction paper into fourths and take one piece from each color
  2. On the tray place the four pieces of paper lining the tray and tape them down 
  3. In small basket place some different colored objects that match the color of the paper you chose
  4. Place on a shelf or area that is accessible to your child
  5. Model removing the work off of the shelf and sitting down with it; start sorting the legos one by one and place them on top of the corresponding color

Tips: If you do not have a tray you can simply place the sheets of construction paper on the floor or table next to each other.

Extensions: Use this template to practice color sorting with Dot stickers.