Coyote Crawls


Have a howling good time with this brain-building cross lateral action! 

This activity encourages large-Motor Development, body-awareness, coordination, balance, and confidence building!


Open space (can be done inside or outside)


  • Beginning from a crawling position, shift your weight forward, lift your knees off the ground and place your feet down.
  • Keeping your hips lifted and knees off the ground, step opposite hand and foot forward, and then repeat with the other opposite hand and foot. Continue,looking where you’re going, while howling and yipping like a coyote **“Aou Aou Aaa-woooooo!!!”
  • At some point, you may invite your child to try it themselves, if they haven’t joined already. 


**Sound effects are optional, and, when used properly can induce fits of laughter


This activity can make some children nervous to try. In the class when this happens we simply model the activity with enthusiasm and joy, and wait for inspiration to strike within the children. (It can sometimes happen when we’re not looking)!

Add challenges: 

  • Try crawling like a coyote over, under, or through obstacles
  • Try doing coyote crawls in a circle one direction and then the other
  • Ask your child what animal they’d like to crawl like, and turn the coyote crawls into other animals, using those sounds to add interest. 


Pair this activity with some other Texas animal movements such as bullfrog jumps, donkey kicks, and rattlesnake slithers for a great full body work out!