Crater Creation

The moon’s surface is FULL of cavities or indentations caused by explosions or meteor contact, called CRATERS. On the moon’s surface, there are all kinds of different shapes and sizes of craters.

Identify the different shapes and depths of “craters” created by you and the different objects you use to make them. Use your strong gross motor skills to drop objects and different heights and see what happens!


  • Large baking pan or shallow cardboard box
  • Flour (enough to fill the pan) (or sand if you have it)
  • Cocoa powder (enough to create a thin layer on top of the flour) you can also use dirt/soil
  • Sieve or sifter
  • Balls of various sizes (you can also use small rocks)


  • Fill the baking pan with flour and then use the sifter to put a thin layer of cocoa powder/ or dirt on top of the flour.
  • Take turns with your parents or siblings to drop a ball into the pan from different heights
  • Notice the impact from the craters you make. What color is the surface around the crater? How does that compare to the surface of the rest of the pan?

This activity is a bit messy so it’s advisable that you do it outside if possible! If you have to do the activity inside, lay a sheet down under the pan or box for easy clean up.

Hypothesize together: what objects make the deepest craters? How does the distance where the ball is dropped onto the surface affect the size?