Create A Peace Corner


Providing a peace corner is a beautiful way to help your child self regulate, relax, and spend some time alone in a cozy little place.


It can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like to make it! All you really have to do is pick an area you think would work (corners are always great) a small rug or blanket, a couple of small pillows, and a tiny basket or shelf nearby with books or sensory items available. 


Once you have created the little space, introduce it to your child. In the classroom, it is a “one person work”, we find it is helpful to have a place where a child can go if they are wanting alone time. At home, this can be helpful if you have more than one child and are noticing one child is needing space or alone time. 


It may take some reminding on your part to encourage your child to seek out time to rest and reset, you may want to use language like, it sounds like your body is needing a reset. I’ll walk you to the peace corner where you can rest and come check on you with a drink of water in a moment and we can talk. 

If more than one child wants to use the peace corner and it is already occupied, at school, we let the interested party know that as soon as child A is done child B can use it next. We don’t typically time this for the children during the school day, instead we explain that when the child walks away that means they’re all done. However, you should do whatever works best for you and your family. 🙂

Add challenges:

Add a sensory bottle or a quiet instrument like a rainstick to the shelf or basket next to your peace corner. 

You could make your own “one person” peace corner or meditation nook. This can be a wonderful way to teach your children by modeling self care and self regulation. Click Here for some inspiration for making your own peace nook!