Density Tower with household liquids


Different liquids have different densities.  This easy experiment illustrates the different densities among some common household liquids.



  • Developing fine motor pouring skills
  • Learning about buoyancy and density
  • Practicing observation skills



  • A jar, cup, or any narrow and tall container.
  • Honey, Corn Syrup, Dish Soap, Water, Vegetable oil, or any liquid you have on hand!
  • Cups or containers for the individual liquids.
  • Eye dropper or baster (optional)



  • Go around the house and gather liquids to test.
  • Pour a small amount of each liquid into a small container.
  • Decide what order you will add the liquids.
  • Make a guess or a prediction about what will happen.
  • Pour the liquids into the large container slowly and carefully.
  • It may be fun to use a baster or eye dropper to slowly add the liquids.
  • Record your results.  How do your results compare to your predictions?
  • Reset the experiment and try again, adding the liquids in a different order.


Add challenges:

-What happens if you add salt to the water?

-What happens when you add small objects of varying weight?



  • Add food coloring to any clear liquids.
  • Use a baster or eye dropper to pour liquids down the side wall of the jar so as not to disturb the previous layers.