Distance Games

Distance games are an excellent way to incorporate movement and learning!

To move the body, learn about a topic, expand vocabulary, and refine the memory.

You can use anything they would like to learn about. Examples: number or letter flashcards, puzzles, household objects, colored objects, etc.

Make it fun and don’t get focused on whether they’re getting the answer correctly or quizzing them. Enjoying the process of learning is key.


  • Take advantage of the nice weather and play distance games outside. Involve various obstacles as they move between you and the material.
  • Make it into a “Memory Game”. Pick a number card and then travel to retrieve that many rocks, beans, etc. Bring the quantity back and place them under the number card. HERE is a link to a video that you can use as an example.
  • In Montessori, we have a lovely expression, “Teach by teaching, not by correcting.” If they make a mistake, rather than correcting them, simply make a mental (or actual) note and, at a later neutral moment, find another way to show them again.” – Simone Davies
  1. Pick your topic with your child. It could literally be anything. If they need to practice sight words this week, for example, you can play this game with the sight word flashcards.
  2. On one end of the yard or room place your objects/flashcards/puzzle frame, etc.
  3. On the other end of the room have a seat and get ready to play.
  4. The adult says, for example:
  • Please bring me the card that says 4.
  • “Please bring me something blue.”
  • “Please bring me the phillips head screwdriver.”
  • “Please put this piece in the puzzle frame.”
  • “Please bring me something that begins with ‘s’ (sound).”
The parent can take a turn as well! Thinking of the various options for you to retrieve is also good practice for them and fun.