Easy Cutting Work



Cutting is a very important skill to master! It helps strengthen little hands to get them ready for handwriting. 


-Being comfortable holding scissors 

-Finding different ways to cut a paper

-cutting a straight line

-cutting curvy line

-cutting out shapes




-printable cutting sheets/paper with lines on it

-other cuttable materials


-Demonstrate how to carry and store scissors 

-Explain that the blades are sharp and great care is needed when cutting

-Demonstrate how to hold the scissors and how to use them to cut the paper strip in one snip

-Continue cutting, allowing the pieces to fall into a basket.

-Help the child place their thumb and first two fingers into the handle of the scissors. -Encourage them to practice opening and closing the blades.

-Assist by moving the strip of paper between the blades.

-As they close the blades, the scissors cut the strip.