Easy Tool Works

Children gain great satisfaction from using real “grown up” things.  When children are using real tools, dishes, and glasses it provides them with a great opportunity to practice their motor planning and concentration skills.  Here are some activities that you can put together that your children will love!

Nuts and Bolts

A simple tray with nuts and bolts of all shapes and sizes is a great way for children to practice fine motor and sorting skills.  You can find some more info here, and here is a plan to make your own bolt and nut board.

Golf tee hammering

For younger children hammering a golf tee can be a great gross motor exercise.  Portion out an amount of golf tees for them to hammer into the grass, a block of play dough, a cardboard box,  or styrofoam.  A small wooden mallet works best, but you could also use a rock or they may just enjoy pushing the tees in.  The tees will have a tendency to break if hit too hard, so be sure to stock up on a bunch!

Hammering nails into a stump

Older children will enjoy the challenge of working with real nails and hammer.  Working on both gross and fine motor skills, children will love concentrating on this work for a while.  A big heavy stump works best, but any piece of wood will do as long as it is secured with a clamp.  A 10oz hammer is a great size for children, and roofing nails are great for beginners because they have a wide head.  Once they have the technique down, try making patterns or writing words! Check out Mr. Scott’s Kinderwood page for more woodworking resources.

How to assemble a flashlight

Children love taking things apart and putting them back together.  Disassembling and reassembling a flashlight is a perfect challenge for many children. A flashlight with a plastic lens is best, and have them be mindful of the glass bulb.  They get great joy and satisfaction once they figure out the correct battery orientation and flick the switch to make light!