Egg Carton Math

By Mrs.Gabriela



Egg cartons are popular for the amazing number of things you can do with them, flowers, pots for plants,paintings, etc, etc.Have you tried to use them for math? One way to use it, is to play matching games.Matching is an important skill that helps in the classification of objects based on their common properties.Let’s have fun matching numbers!



  •  Egg carton.
  • Pipe cleaners ( about 3” each).
  • Little pieces of paper (about 1”each).
  • Markers.
  • Water paint and brush.

Watch this video!    Gaby’s Egg Carton Math


  • Assign an area where you can comfortably work,if possible find a rug to put under the material (mom will appreciate that!)
  • Pain your egg carton the color of your preference ( let it dry)
  • Get the little pieces of paper and dot the numbers, one flag with one dot, another piece with two dots, another one with three dots and go on  until you complete ten.
  • Once complete the 10 small pieces of paper, create a flag attaching the pieces of paper to the pipes.
  • By now your egg carton painted in the color of your preference should be dry, with a black marker draw the numbers up to ten.
  • Punch a hold into each egg holder ( a nail will be creating the perfect size for the holes)
  • Count the dots of each flag and then place the flags into the hole with the matching number!



Fine motor skills, counting, matching and number identification all in one activity! and please don’t forget to clean up the area.



Add more egg cartons and take the activity up to 100 !