Eggshell Garden


Description: Make breakfast together and save those eggshells to create an eggshell garden!

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  • – Eggshells 
  • – Egg Carton
  • – Soil
  • – Spray Bottle
  • – Various Seeds (peas, basil, radish, sunflower) 
  • – Spoon or small scoop



  • Set eggshells in the carton
  • Use the scoop to fill eggshells with soil
  • Gently push a seed into the soil, making sure it is covered
  • Use a spray bottle to lightly spray the soil so it is just damp
  • Set them in the sun and wait!



After a few days you should see the seeds start to sprout. Allow your child to observe as they begin to root. Provide a magnifying glass so they can get a closer look. Once the seeds have sprouted, crack the eggshells and move them to a pot!