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Hard boiled egg peeling activity is a yummy food preparation activity that eggs-cites the child! Great focus is needed as the child uses their fine motor skills to carefully remove pieces of egg shell to uncover the edible goodness below.


  • Hard boiled egg
  • Small bowl to hold peeled eggshells
  • Small, clean, wet sponge or towel to wipe off tiny fragments of eggshell residue
  • Butter or spreading Knife or egg cutter
  • Plate


  • Prepare ahead by boiling egg and letting cool in the refrigerator.
  • After washing hands, crack your hard boiled egg by taping it on the table.
  • Slowly and carefully pull off the eggshell
  • When eggshell is off, use wet sponge to remove any tiny fragments of egg residue
  • Place egg on plate to small knife to cut orr use egg slicer to slice egg and return to plate
  • Tips
  • Tap the Roll your egg using the palm of your hand on a hard surface. This makes the shell easier to remove.

Egg shells are great fertilizer in the garden! Add an extension to this activity by letting your child use a mortar and pestle to crush the egg shells and sprinkle on the soil of your garden.