Primary Field Day

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014
Athena Montessori Academy

Minds in Motion is proud to offer Athena’s Second Annual Field Day for Primary students—Earth’s Treasures—on May 22nd! You might be wondering, “Why the theme of ‘Earth’s Treasures?’” Minds in Motion seeks to inspire the joy of movement in all children—natural athletes as well as those who are developing their large motor skills. The theme gives all children a connection, whether it be sports, geology, geography, the social experience or the excitement of owning a cool new rock.
ACTIVITIES: On the last day of Physical Education classes, each class group will be divided into small teams of Gem Stones or Minerals. Examples of teams are: Carnelian, Sodalite, Amethyst and Pyrite. A guide will lead them through a series of relay games with a focus on cooperation, team spirit and FUN!!! For Field Day, even the younger Primary children will do a modified version of the games.
DROP-OFF and PICK-UP: Please drop-off/pick-up children as usual, keeping the normal routine.
HOW TO DRESS YOUR CHILD: Due to water activities, children need to wear fast-drying clothes. Also, they’ll need
sport sandals or old tennis shoes and a set of dry clothes for later. Don’t forget a good application of sunscreen, too!WATERMELON DONATIONS: If you feel moved, sign up on the sheets on your classroom bulletin board to bring in a watermelon between Monday, May 19, & Wednesday, May 21. We are looking for full-size seedless watermelons, 2 per class.
For questions or more information, call Coach Michael at 512.300.4696 or see