Explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art


by Mr. Zach

GO TO THE MET ONLINE! The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a beautiful interactive map available for kids to explore the various pieces found in the museum.

CLICK HERE >> Go To The Met! This takes you to an illustrated map of the museum, click around until you find something interesting.

Can you find the area with lots of stained glass? Click on the window of Saragossa. Can’t find it? Here’s the link! Saragossa When you scroll down under the window there is a video showing you how to make your own stained glass piece.

Now challenge your little learner to find the area with knights in armor…see it? Can you click on The Armor of George Clifford? If you don’t see it…here’s the link Armor of George Clifford Scroll down past the armor to see a super cool video interview conducted by a 10 year old New Yorker. He’s curious about armor and how it moves.

Close to the Egyptian section of the map (to the right) look for a little square called The Costume Institute. Want to see a really cool rainbow shoe from 1938? Click on the little sandal icon. Did you find it? If not, here’s the link Rainbow Sandal Now, talk about different kinds of shoes, can your child create their own fantastical shoe? They can draw, sculpt with dough, trace a shape and cut out of construction paper. We’d love to see them! You can post your shoe creations in our Athena Montessori Parent Forum