Flower Arranging

Here is a wonderful video of sweet Zoey arranging flowers! This is a great exercise in caring for the environment, fine and gross motor development and sequencing. 


  • Flowers
  • Scissors 
  • Pitcher
  • Small Vases or cups that can serve as vases
  • A sponge to clean any spills 
  • Bowl 


  • Set up a tray with a pitcher of water, an empty vase, flowers, a bowl for trimmings, scissors and a sponge. 
  • Initially, you will need to model how to perform this activity with your child. 
  • Bring tray to table
  • Carefully pour water into the empty vase (use sponge to clean any spills) 
  • Use the scissors to trim flowers and place trimmings in a bowl 
  • Arrange the cut flowers in the vase 
  • Place the vase on the table and return the tray to the shelf. 
  • Place this material on your childs’ work shelf to perform during their day. Invite them to decorate the house with their arrangements.