Food Prep Shelf Work- Lemon Juicing 



Toddlers love the sensory experience of getting their hands in the mix of preparing food. Why not set them up with a Lemonade making station for a refreshing springtime work? Not only is lemonade a delicious treat, but making it will encourage your child to exercise their fine motor skills and practice a multiple stepped task! 


  • Handheld lemon juicer 
  • 2 cups (one with small amount of water and one empty) 
  • Sponge or dish cloth
  • Tray
  • Optional: Sugar water


  • Prepare ahead by slicing a lemon in half and placing it on a tray with the hand held juicer and a cup. You may also want to place a dishcloth or sponge. We provide these items in the classroom for this work to encourage them to clean up spills. 
  • Place the tray on a shelf that is accessible to your tot.
  • At first, you will want to model how to juice the lemon. After practicing, let your child have a turn. For tiny friends, it will be best if they stand to perform this activity, so that they can use their whole arm strength to push down on the lemon. 
  • Invite your child to pour the juice into a cup and practice slowly pouring the water into the juice to dilute.
  • Optional: Add a small amount of sugar water to taste.
  • Model how to clean any spills using the sponge and rinse off the work in the sink. 
  • Now that your child has had a lesson, you can set this on their workshelf and invite them to make you a cup of lemonade during their work time. 



Try using oranges to make orange juice

Before you place this work on the shelf, roll the fruit on the table to soften with a strong arm. You can even turn that into a challenge and invite your helper to use their “big strong muscles” to help you get their work ready.