Food Work Set Ups

This food prep aspect of the Practical Life curriculum is a most nurturing and empowering daily activity. It can be altered depending on foods and time available. Locate at the child’s working height. Serving plate of appropriate size. Include the hand washing and optional apron. Notice in the photo above, the juicing work is set out on a chair. Why? This is the perfect height for some children to stand and do their work. 

These photos were provided to us by the lovely Janey Lake. Do you have to have a red checkered tablecloth? You do not? Guess what? You don’t need one!  But if you do have a fun tablecloth, why not? What is important are the materials provided for the child. Make sure all the implements are in place and success will ensue! For more detailed information on how-tos of a juicing station click this link :   Juicing Instructions 

We have been hearing that you, our families, are ready for some “Set It and Forget It” Montessori works for home. Food prep is perfect for this! We PROMISE your child will do this work, gravitate to this work, feel pride in this work and grow through this work. The work of feeding ourselves and others is something we will do, without fail, our whole lives. 

For the basics of a spreading work, click here Setting Up Successful Spreading

Is your child ready for more? Great! Take the basic spreading set up and add to it for a sandwich making station. Let your child make their own lunch, and their siblings’.