Frozen Banana Treats


This is a lovely little food prep activity that you and your child can do together. After cutting the bananas and spreading the jam, pop them in the freezer and you have a frozen treat perfect for summer time.


The goal of this activity is to work with your child to slice the bananas and spread the jam. This allows them to practice their pincer grip and also lets them enjoy their work by eating it when they’re all done.


  • Whole banana
  • Jam
  • Child safe fruit slicer
  • Spreader


This activity will require parent involvement. 

  • Lay the whole banana out on a cutting board with the fruit slicer. Model slicing the banana for your child and then give them the slicer. Show your child where to place their fingers on the handle of the slicer and have them push down with the slicer. 2;
  • After the bananas are sliced, you can model spreading the jam with the spreader. Have your child hold the spreader in one hand and begin spreading the jam on the banana slices.
  • When the jam has been spread, your child can begin pressing the slices together to form the mini sandwiches. When all the sandwiches are done, you can pop them in the freezer, and enjoy them once they’ve chilled.