Garden and Nightlight Jars

by Ms. Lynda


Using clean empty jars we have at home, we can have fun with paint…transforming them into colorful decorations for day or night.


Teaching recycling/upcycling as a perfect source of art supplies


  • Clean glass jars of any size
  • Acrylic paint, multi surface craft paint, glass paint or tempera paint
  • Small paint brushes
  • Cup of water to clean brushes
  • Paper towels
  • Battery operated candles


  • Start by cleaning the glass jars. Wash them thoroughly and remove all of the labels and any glue that remains.
  • Begin painting the jars with any designs you like.
  • Make sure you rinse and dry brushes between colors.
  • Add more details to fill in the design.
  • After all the paint is dry, place a battery-operated candle inside the jar.


These finished jars are just as pretty in the daytime as they are at night.
This is a great project for every member of the family.  When placed in a grouping in the garden, they give a nice glow for outdoor dining.

Also, these wonderful night lights will make going to bed fun… as well as trips to the bathroom.