Gross Motor Bingo

Parent Involvement: Moderate
Prep Time: 0 – 10min


A fun game to play for quick movement breaks throughout the day


To help children release some extra energy in short bursts with controlled movements


  • Bingo Card with gross motor skills/exercises (use picture above if needed)
  • Safe space for child to perform exercises


  • Grab a bingo card, option for each child to have their own separate card. You can print this bingo sheet or create your own with the link that is in the “Add Challenges” section.
  • Call out “movement break” and then call out which exercise
  • Call out “break over” when movement is over and check off that box

Add challenges


  • Play music
  • Take turns who gets to be the caller (the whole family can do the exercises too!!)

Written by: Maria Govoni (p2)