Gross Motor -Donkey Kicks!


Have a little inversion fun with your little one, and give those indoor blues the shoe! EEeeh-aww! EEee-aww! This activity encourages large-Motor Development, body-awareness, coordination, balance, and confidence building!


  • Open space (can be done inside or outside)
  • Optional – yoga mat, blanket, rug, towel or other “buffer” for safety if there is a fall


  • Check your area to be sure you have enough space to do donkey kicks
  • Placing both hands firmly on the ground, step your feet back to a comfortable distance away from your hands.
  • Gazing at the space between your hands, shift your weight forward and kick both of your feet into the air (at the same time if possible), and then let them land back on the ground as gently as possible while loudly saying **“EEeeh-aww! EEee-aww!”
  • Repeat as desired.
  • At some point, you may invite your child to try it themselves, if they haven’t joined already. 



**Sound effects** are optional, and, when used properly can induce fits of laughter



This activity can make some children nervous to try. In the class when this happens we simply model the activity with enthusiasm and joy, and wait for inspiration to strike within the children. (It can sometimes happen when we’re not looking)!


Add challenges: 

  • Try to do donkey kicks in motion- moving forward towards another location.
  • Try doing donkey kicks in a circle, pivoting around your hand placement.
  • Turn the donkey into a bucking bronco, and after kicking your feet up and landing, jump up and do a jump while standing, and then do another donkey kick. (What would bucking broncos sound like? Or would you make the sound of the cowboy riding ‘em, ‘Yeeeee-Hawww!’?)



Pair this activity with some other Texas animal movements such as coyote crawls, bullfrog jumps, and rattlesnake slithers for a great full body work out!