Hammering Station

Toddlers love using tools! This hammering activity is great for developing their fine motor skills, concentration and hand-eye coordination. 


  • Tray
  • Container filled with clay
  • Small bowl to hold nails 
  • Clay/Play Dough
  • Child sized Mallet or Hammer
  • Nails/golf tees/sticks


  • To prepare your tray fill a container with clay – use your fingers to fill the space. Beside it place the hammer and a small bowl with nails/golf tees/sticks
  • You can model how to safely hold the hammer and then demonstrate how to hammer the nail into the clay.
  • Encourage your child to pull out all the nails and place them back in the bowl before returning the tray to the shelf. 


If you don’t have clay – you can use a large block of styrofoam. You can also move this activity outside and your toddler can hammer tees into the soft or wet dirt!