Herb Sensory Play



Spice up your childs’ playdough activities by adding herbs to boost their sensory experience. This activity encourages practice of fine motor skills as well as learning about the sights, smells, and taste of different herbs.


  • Playdough
  • Child Safe Scissors
  • Rolling pins
  • Fresh or dried herbs – lavender, mint and rosemary are typically used in the Tots classroom


  • Set out the materials on a tray. You may need to model how to manipulate the herbs and show the child how to cut the herbs, crush the herbs, and roll it up in the dough as they see fit. 
  • Invite your child to try rolling different herbs in the playdough and see how the herbs change the scent of the dough.
  • When finished, store the playdough in a container with a lid for playing again next time. 



Leave this work on your child’s work shelf and refresh periodically with fresh herbs and dough to explore.