How do you Feel?

Learning to understand emotions by way of vocabulary for feelings and their physical attributes are the stepping stones for self-regulation, independence, and confidence.


Using a mirror and some photo “prompts” your child can begin to understand and practice different emotions while seeing their face.


Feeling cards, a mirror, a tray or basket.

Use the feeling cards provided or find 4-6 different feelings that you would like your child to work with.

If you have a printer, print out the cards and place them on your childs’ workshelf. If you have a handheld mirror, place it with the cards. If you don’t, as your child is exploring these cards direct them to a mirror that is accessible to them.

To introduce this activity, pick up one card, look at the picture, practice making the same emotion in the mirror. Ask your child to name the feeling or emotion that they see.

Repeat these steps for the next 3 or 5 cards that are on the tray.


Here is a PDF link to feeling cards. Find 2-3 feelings that the child can relate to (happy, excited, good) and 2-3 that might be challenging or a feeling that the child is working through (sad, mad, angry).

Feeling Cards