A fun jumping and listening game that you can get creative with…


To develop gross motor and listening skills while burning energy! 


  • String, tape, or a long stick


  • Lay the string (or tape or sticks) out so that you have two parallel lines on the floor a short distance apart, the space between the strings is the “river”
  • This is your chance to tell an elaborate tale about why you need to jump over this river.  What’s on the other side? Is something chasing you from behind? Are you unicorns that need to jump because their wings are broken? Get creative and have your child help with the story.
  • Stand on the outside of the parallel lines (the bank) and try to jump the river.  If someone steps on the line they are “wet” and get to try again or are out of the game.
  • When jumping the river becomes too easy you may come across a “bigger” or “flooded” river and spread the parallel lines further apart.


Add challenges:

Turn the game into a version of simon says.  Decide on a person to be the caller. Everyone else lines up on “the bank”.  When the caller calls “in the river” everyone jumps into the river. When the caller calls “on the bank” everyone jumps backwards onto the bank.  The caller can make it trickier by calling faster and faster or calling the same call twice in a row.