Insect nomenclature – Packet #2 Primary


Description: Montessori Nomenclature or Three-Part Cards refer to card materials that children manipulate in order to internalize the information on the cards. The Montessori Early Childhood Three-Part Card consists of a card with the picture & word, a card with the picture, and a card with the word.

Goal: For the 3-6 year old child, the task is simply to match the picture to the picture and the word to the word. This activity helps children learn new vocabulary and indirectly exposes them to sight words.

Materials: Printer, paper, scissors, three-part card printout below.

Steps: Print out the insect three-part cards found HERE. Have your child practice cutting on the lines if they are comfortable, and help as needed. Have your child match the picture to the picture and the word to the word

Add challenges: Have your child read the words aloud as they match the cards. Older children can write their own word labels.

Extensions: 1. Have your child create their own three-part cards and email a picture to their teachers.
2.Play “i spy” with words or pictures: say, “I spy my little eye, an insect that starts with the sound (insert initial sound),” and have your child point to that bug.
3. Use the cards for a memory game where you place all cards face down and then find matching pairs (without word cards).

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