Intro to Inclined Planes – Scavenger Hunt #1



Inclined Planes are one of the 5 types of simple machines in physics. An inclined plane is a flat surface that is raised on one end. Inclined Planes help move objects up and down from differing heights. This activity allows us to explore Inclined planes


Here’s a video of Ms. Carole of Tots 3 introducing Inclined Planes 


Discuss incline Planes  with your child. Search for inclined planes in your home environment. Use camera on phone to take a picture



  • Home 
  • Phone camera



  • Search your home for incline planes
  • Take pictures of the Inclined Planes  you encounter at home
  • Repeat as often as your child likes
  • Please send 1 picture to school of your child doing this project or of their artwork so we can share it with your child’s friends


Tune in next week for another lesson introducing and exploring Inclined Planes!