Jumping Station


Jumping is important in developing the large muscles of the body, practicing balance and motor planning. 


  • Felt circles, small pillows, placemats (you can use any non slip material) 
  • A toy or object for the child to jump over 


  • Set up a jumping station for your child
  • Show your child how to practice jumping from one pillow to the next, jumping over the toy; build interest by introducing imaginary play; pretend the child will need to jump over a train or over the volcano 
  • Turn this into a counting game by having the child count how many times they can jump from one spot to the next without touching the object



Your child can practice different types of jumping: on two feet, one foot, switching feet…

As they master jumping over the rope, you can add more objects to jump over or move the pillows or jumping stations farther apart.

If you have a floor length mirror, place the jumping station nearby so the child can see themselves jumping!